Why us

multi-sector marketing applied to you

Imagine you can get learnings from senior marketing experience in 10+ sectors and apply it instantly to your concrete business issues. We have been in the driving seat for marketing, media & innovation. We are driven by long term brand-building and growth, and we want to create impact for your business.

born & bred in blue chip multinationals 


... known for their world-class marketing in B2C, B2B & B2B2C.

Both in strategic & operational roles, with local & international scope, at varying levels of marketing budget (so yes, we know a start-up will not be able to afford multi-million TV campaigns...and an industrial B2B better uses other more segmented media).


mix business-models to innovate


Proven ability to apply FMCG success models & practices on industries. By injecting cross-industry marketing strategies, we can help your company to differentiate. 

Our clients include

What they said

"Soosteo has a non-negligible added value: when they came in for a short interim mission, they quickly confronted the team with their senior marketing expertise from other sectors. This allows them to reveal potential improvements in our way of working. They question a lot, which is not always comfortable but I prefer that to executing interims that just do what they’re being told”.   

Miklos Konkoly, Head of Marketing, MERCK Consumer Healthcare

"Gregory transformed the way we market our B2C products. His added value lays in creating a clear strategic brand positioning for 1 focused enzymatic brand. He was able to create strong out-of-the-box marketing with our limited budgets. I feel confident that the choices we made together will prove to be successful."   


Luk Van den Berghe, B2C Director, REALCO

“You brought us your experience from european businesses and adapted it to the african reality and our health care dimensions. Your experience of both medical and other sectors creates an interesting mix to market our company differently.


Our manifesto

"to be irreplaceable, you need to be different"

Coco Chanel

Here are a few beliefs that give you an idea of what we stand for...



Own a territory. Claim an irreplaceable part of people's brain. Explain your specific added value to the world. If your positioning is clear, you spend less in media and be less copiable.


Making creative & strategic links across business models is a condition for innovation. We go beyond sector-autism & break industry's codes/comfort zones.  Dare to take risks & integrate lessons from more disruptive parallel worlds.


Even B2B has become H2H (human-to-human). Who's your target & his unmet needs? Touch them where they are. Be relevant. Personalized (data-driven), touch emotions & drive behaviourial change.


My wife complains that i become an ambassador for every client we work for. That's because when you understand what's behind, you become a believer. Our mission : make that story VISIBLE, and understood in today's 6 seconds-attention span...


 AND sustainable AND sexy.  Marketing should be AND brand-building AND selling. It's AND a data-driven science AND an emotional art of story-telling.


Shared value is a win-win that demands both to be profitable & make a positive impact on planet or people. As a business do we have the courage to both grow & stimulate positive behaviour?.

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